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How To Remove Scars

on October 23, 2013

There are many products on the market that will cleanse the skin, moisturise it and occasionally you may apply an exfoliator which helps to rid the skin of dead skin cells.  The latter product only cleanses the surface and will not remove lines, spots, sun damage and acne scars.  You need a product that will work much deeper for work such as this.

In modern beauty clinics there is now a treatment available to you called a chemical peel which will help you with all the above mentioned more serious beauty problems.  Because these treatments should be administered with care it is not advisable to do them yourself at home.  Just recently we saw a woman in the news. She was scarred due to some do it yourself beauty product.

Because there are several peels available of various degrees of intensity, the best advice that can be given is to take some advice from a dermatologist in a clinic that specialises in non-surgical procedures such as this.  Skin type needs to be considered as some people have sensitive skins.

As the name suggests the chemical that is applied to your skin will literally peel away the upper layer of the dermis.  The product will be applied the skin and be left there for about ten minutes, during which time it will neutralise.  Once the peel is removed the new skin underneath will have been plumped up with collagen and you will look fresh and rejuvenated.  The skin that is now exposed is fresh and does not have imperfections.

As this is quite a delicate operation, you should ensure that you follow the after-care instructions to the letter.  There are also things you must do prior to your appointment with the clinician.  If you are able to, if you are a smoker you should give up the habit a month before your treatment.  A week before your peel you can help your skin by applying special creams to facilitate the penetration of the chemicals.

If your skin was badly damaged in the past due to acne scarring or other mishaps, you can ask to have a deep peel performed on your skin.  It must be stressed, however, that this treatment can only be done once.  This procedure will cause your skin to peel or scab, so if you are going to have one of these it is advisable to do it in your holiday time to give your skin time to heal.

You should also know that this type of treatment will only work on a skin that has been scarred, but is healed.  It should never be undertaken if you still suffer from acne or another condition called rosacea.  Especially rosacea sufferers often have very sensitive skins and your condition will more likely be aggravated if you should choose such a treatment.

One of the after-care instructions is to keep your facial movements to a minimum, because this may crack a healing skin.
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